Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DIEGO FORLAN - The Best Player and Golden Shoe Award Winner

DIEGO FORLAN from Atletico Madrid F.C. from Spain chosen the Best Player and Golden Shoe Award Winner after the World Cup. He was playing awesome in offense and also managing his team on the field. All of his goals can be chosen to shown on generics all the time, especially his goal to Netherlands.

No matter, the inspirational Uruguayan No10 instead made off with the coveted adidas Golden Ball – awarded to the finest player at this year’s finals on South African soil.Forlan thus becomes the fourth South American to claim the prize, following in the footsteps of Argentina’s Diego Maradona (1986) and Brazilian duo Romario (1994) and Ronaldo (1998).

According to me, I am supporting FENERBAHCE F.C. from Turkey and my team is trying to transfer Forlan to our team. We have also Uruguay's primary captain Diego LUGANO in our team; so, It will be awesome to see both of them with Fenerbahce's Jersey for me! I hope he will come to Istanbul to play for FENERBAHCE starting from next season.

Thierry HENRY to New York Red Bulls!

After Beckham came to LA Galaxy two years ago, it has started to be a new experience for FAMOUS EUROPEAN SOCCER PLAYERS to earn much money while living in United States. As you know, F1 Driver Montoya transferred to US to be in NASCAR too. United States of America is really kind of a beginning new experience for famous and successful sports people from Europe.

By the way, It's totally marketing attack from American Teams like LA Galaxy and NY Red Bulls. The aim in soccer in US is to make much money in the end of season beside having much success with soccer team. They are transferring Henry, Beckham kind of players to attract customers to earn much more money in the end of every term. But I think, after Henry, all other famous teams from famous cities are going to start to do the same. US is a great place to live and US teams can offer much yearly salaries to players. This is going to effect the transfer market for soccer players negatively for European teams. It's going to rise the equilibrium point in transfer prices too.

After the World CUP - Africa !

What should we feel after the world cup has finished?
As you know, this is one of the most important organizations all over the world after Olympics. According to me World Cup has much more viewer than Olympics too. But after the final match, most of the participants and followers think that this is not as same as the previous world cups at all. For me, It was World Tie Cup ! Because all the matches finished as tied or finished just 1-0 without any kind of expression. Only 4 or 5 match had excitement with positions, goals and etc. All the others were just time wasting to watch the whole game.

I do not know really why this world cup was so boring at all. Maybe because of Africa, maybe because of weather... But one issue that affected me negatively is, "VUVUZELA" !!! It's really impossible to concentrate on the matches. It was totally killing the atmosphere. In my country, all the stadiums are really so perfect. All the people came to match yelling at the same time to support their teams positively. In Africa Vuvuzela was killing the atmosphere, the excitement of the match, demand to watch the match. I totally HATE Vuvuzela and additionally I am so scared about next World Cups! Because from now on, every country that has the world cup in their country, are going to show off their Vuvuzela type of things to say WE HAVE THIS ! So, from now on, World Cup is going to be so scary to watch the games in good mood.