Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DIEGO FORLAN - The Best Player and Golden Shoe Award Winner

DIEGO FORLAN from Atletico Madrid F.C. from Spain chosen the Best Player and Golden Shoe Award Winner after the World Cup. He was playing awesome in offense and also managing his team on the field. All of his goals can be chosen to shown on generics all the time, especially his goal to Netherlands.

No matter, the inspirational Uruguayan No10 instead made off with the coveted adidas Golden Ball – awarded to the finest player at this year’s finals on South African soil.Forlan thus becomes the fourth South American to claim the prize, following in the footsteps of Argentina’s Diego Maradona (1986) and Brazilian duo Romario (1994) and Ronaldo (1998).

According to me, I am supporting FENERBAHCE F.C. from Turkey and my team is trying to transfer Forlan to our team. We have also Uruguay's primary captain Diego LUGANO in our team; so, It will be awesome to see both of them with Fenerbahce's Jersey for me! I hope he will come to Istanbul to play for FENERBAHCE starting from next season.


  1. Hey hi, I love soccer like you! I'm from Mexico and my team is Cruz Azul there. I love to watch the Spanish league too. I think Diego Forlan did a great job in the last World Cup but for me the Golden Ball Award should've been for some Spanish players like Villa, Iniesta, Xavi or Puyol or even Sneijder from Netherlands. I think maybe you were confused about the name of the awards because the other award is called the Golden Boot and the winner in South Africa was the great young surprise, the German Thomas Mueller. Oh my God, he was amazing too!! But Forlan got the Golden Ball, which is supposed to be for the best player during the tournament. I wanna share a video of Forlan with you and I hope your wishes about Lugano and Forlan playing together in your team will become true.

  2. Thanks a lot for your hopes Blanca =) German Mueller, also Turkish player in German team MESUT OZIL was also awesome... I supposed to see Urugay playing with Spain in the final because Uruguay really spent great effort to be in the Final stage. They finished as 4th without a medal but they won the medal of honor..